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Google Rolling Out New Keyword Bidding Suggestions in AdWords


Google is taking off new keyword bidding suggestions in AdWords for various page positions.

Several users around the world reported to see another; entirely new keyword bidding interface in the AdWords UI, on 12th May 2017.

Clicking to update the Max CPC on a keyword raises a new look with recommendations custom fitted to the particular keyword.

Here is the image tweeted by one of the users that clearly pictures the options you will see when clicking to change a keyword bid:


Prior it was shown this way:


Google will now display bid suggestions for various page positions, even if the bid simulator is not available for the keyword. You may come to see one, two or three bid suggestions relying upon the current standing on the keyword bid. For example, when bids are below the first page bid, Google may just show the one bid recommendation to get shown on page one with regular frequency.

The change is as yet rolling out; you may need to wait a little longer to see it in your accounts.

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