11 Impressive Facebook Messenger Stats You Need To Break Out

11 Impressive Facebook Messenger Stats You Need To Break Out

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  1. Facebook Messenger users: 2 billion people
  2. Percentage of the world’s population that use Facebook Messenger monthly: 11%
  3. Number of photos sent through Facebook Messenger per month: 17 million
  4. Number of chatbots on Facebook Messenger: 30,000 bots
  5. Number of people that use Facebook Messenger’s audio and video calling features each month: 400 million users
  6. Average number of messages sent monthly between users and businesses on Facebook Messenger: 2 billion messages
  7. Number of businesses on Facebook Messenger: 60 million
  8. Percentage of global VoIP calls that take place on Facebook Messenger: 10%
  9. Average number of GIFs sent on Facebook Messenger daily: 22 million
  10. Average number of GIFs sent per second on Facebook Messenger: 254 GIFs per second
  11. >89% of users access Facebook on their mobile devices and they check Facebook 14 times a day.
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