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Click-to-Messenger Ads now available on Instagram


The click-to-Messenger ads introduced by Facebook are now available for Instagram users. Now you can start conversations directly from the place.

The new Instagram ad placement for click-to-Messenger ads began rolling out to businesses on Wednesday and would be available to all businesses “within the next few months,” Facebook said, adding that more information is available in its developer docs and Ads Help Center.

Click to Messenger ads can be image, video or carousel ads, and they’re available in Ads Manager, Power Editor and the API.

How it works?

When someone clicks on the ad, it opens a conversation with your business. People will be sent to your Messenger content, which includes all the text, image and video messages that you set up when you created the ad.

How to create an ad?

  • To get started, go to Ad Creation.
  • Select “Traffic” or “Conversions” and click
  • Edit your Audience, Budget and Schedule and click Next
  • Select Carousel, Image, or Video as your format. (Slideshow format is not supported for Instagram).
  • Select Messenger as Destination and configure what your ad should look like:

dsim image

  • To configure the user experience in Messenger when user clicks on the ad, you choose Set up Messenger Content. This can be specified by entering JSON or by using the quick creation tool (as shown below). All Messenger Platform features including quick replies, postbacks and templates are supported in the Messenger content.

dsim image

  • To finish editing your ad, click Done.
  • Click Place Order to finish creating your ad.
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