Google Adds ‘Buy’ Button To Search Ads

Google Adds ‘Buy’ Button To Search Ads

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Google has introduced a beta program for Purchases on Google, which allows qualifying merchants to add a ‘Buy’ button to search adds.

Merchants who qualify for the program will effectively have a call to action (CTA) “Buy on Google” in the search engine results pages (SERPs) button on top of their product ads. It’s a great way to save customers a step when they want to make a purchase.

Under the “Merchant Center Programs” section, users will now see a “Purchases on Google” block. That block includes the following text: “Help buyers easily purchase on Google, so you can grow conversions and drive new customers.”

Currently, this buy button will be available only to Google Wallet users on Android phones. Users who click on the “Buy on Google” button can purchase the product directly from a Google-hosted page.

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This is a major break for the tech giant to increase its e-commerce segment and add a major use case for its wallet.

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