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Facebook Launching A New App For Video Creators

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On Friday, Facebook announced they will roll out a mobile app for video creators to produce and publish live and on-demand videos to the social network later this year. Using the app, you can also keep up with fans across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger; and track their videos’ performance.

Facebook product director Daniel Danker announced it during the “Future of Facebook Video” panel at VidCon. “It has never been a better time to be a creator on Facebook,” Danker said. “With Facebook, we can connect and create community with your audience and tell stories that are social, personal, and authentic.”


The app will still feature access to Facebook Live, additionally has a new live creative kit, where you as a creator can access to special tools that include adding intros and outros to live broadcasts. It will also have custom stickers that viewers can use and custom frames for the creator.


The update includes a new Community tab, where creators can more easily connect with their followers on Facebook as well as Facebook’s other apps, Instagram and Messenger. The app also will have more insights, such as who the creator’s followers are and how they are consuming the creator’s videos.

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