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Google rolling out a large search algorithm update


Google appears to be tweaking its search ranking algorithm starting sometime around Sunday, June 25. John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google while replying to a user question; “Is there any Google Algorithm Update?” said that, “Yep! We make updates all time.”

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Though, the update has not been technically confirmed by Google; but based on the industry talk, it seems that there is a real Google algorithm update. There were several users witnessing major shifts on their websites, seeing older articles from the web outranking newer along with other changes.

Below are a few random tweets from industry SEO’s, speculating a big algo update:

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Search ranking tracking tools, such as Mozcast, SERP Metrics, Alogoroo, Accuranker, RankRanger, SEMRush, etc. when used also see an update.

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Source: Search Engine Roundtable

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