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Google News Redesign, AdWords testing headlines and speed tool upgrade

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Google News gets a cleaner layout along with new features to make it ‘more accessible’. The new look is simpler to scan visually. It additionally offers cleaner navigation and is more customized. Google is likewise making video more noticeable all through.

Anand Paka, Google News product manager said that the redesign means to connect users with more quality journalism and to make Google News more accessible to everyone and less of a power user product.

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AdWords new option serves up an easy ad-testing scenario

It seems as though Google is experimenting with a feature to make it easier for more advertisers to embrace even basic ad testing. A new option has been spotted in the old/current AdWords interface to “Create a second ad with headlines in reverse order.” Check the box, and automatically create an A/B headline test.

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Google believes in always experimenting with the ways to create the best possible experience for our users but nothing has been declared at the time.

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