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Facebook Rolls Out Ads Inside Messenger To Advertisers Globally


Back in January 2017, Facebook first started putting News Feed-style ads inside its users’ messenger inboxes. It was a test and was limited to a small group of users in Australia and Thailand.

Now on Tuesday, Facebook announced that any advertiser will be able to buy ads in the messenger, which boasts 1.2 billion users.

The ads won’t be shown in conversations. They will instead exist in the main inbox tab between chat threads.

The ads appear like typical News Feed ads with a headline, description copy, image and calls to action. They show up on the Messenger home tab feed and are labeled “Sponsored.”

See the example below:

image 1 facebook ad

Facebook Messenger ads are:

  • Accessible via Ads Manager and Power Editor.
  • Included by default as an inventory source with automatic placements for supported campaign objectives.
  • Available for Traffic and Conversion campaign objectives. App Installs and other campaign objectives will be supported “soon.”
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