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Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: UserTesting

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UserTesting: “User-testing tool for any budget”

UserTesting is one of the best and most simple tools to record users’ response. It helps you get videos of people speaking their thoughts when using your websites, mobile apps, prototypes and more.


How to use it?

You pick your exact interest group and then, dole out this client a task to perform on your site or app. Consequently, User Testing records real people sharing their thoughts whilst interacting with your site/application to understand user behavior. Test can be run on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Benefits & Features

  • Get videos (with audio) of your target market using any site or app
  • Find your exact target audience with access to huge user base
  • Quickly identify problems uncovered by user tests
  • Metrics to provide valuable insights
  • Test any site
  • User experience feedback along every step of the app development cycle
  • You can also offload work to UserTesting Expert Research Team
  • Expand your user research knowledge with case studies
  • Do-it-yourself tools

Who Uses UserTesting? 

Designers, Product Managers, Marketers, Agencies, Mobile Game Developers


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