14 Experiential Marketing Statistics To Change Your Life Forever

14 Experiential Marketing Stats to Change Your Life Forever



  1. 77% of marketers use Experiential Marketing as a vital part of a brand’s advertising strategies.
  2. 67% of marketers think Experiential Marketing is an effective strategy.
  3. 58% of the events created had to do with influencer-related experiences.
  4. 74% of consumers have a better opinion about a brand after an in-person event.
  5. 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event.
  6. 65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales.
  7. 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending activation.
  8. A stunning 11% of brands don’t seem to use social media to complement their in-person efforts.
  9. 65% of the consumers surveyed said live events helped them have a better understanding of a product or service.
  10. 71% of consumers share information about their (activation) experience with their peers and family members.
  11. 62% of brands define a budget for social media efforts to support their events
  12. 33% of consumers from the above survey said they would take photos or videos during an event.
  13. 86% of event marketers claimed attendee satisfaction was their gauge of event success.
  14. Event technology can help increase event attendance by 20%. Increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by 20–30%.
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