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Bing Ads & Bing Ads Editor rolling out “Labels” for advertisers


Bing Ads is rolling out customizable, color-coded labels across the world over the next few weeks.

Labels are a simple and powerful way allowing advertisers to create customized tags to associate with their campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords. With labels, they can add detail and color to their reporting data to accomplish more.


How to get started?

In Bing Ads online, users will soon see a new labels menu that will let them add and remove labels in the following tabs: Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords. In these tabs, advertisers will be able to filter by Label to easily focus on the data that they are looking for.

Labels in Bing Ads Editor for Windows are also rolling out. After labels become available for users’ account, they will be able to manage labels for campaigns, ad groups, Expanded Text Ads and keywords.

You’ll also be able to bring in your labels whenever you import your campaigns from Google, without any need to manually set them up again. Also, support for labels in the API has been announced.

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