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A Whole New Snapchat Introduced For Users


On Nov 29, 2017, a new and improved Snapchat has been introduced for users organized around their relationships and personalized just for them.

The new Snapchat separates the social from the media. This means that the Chats and Stories from users’ friends are on the left side of Snapchat, and the Stories from publishers, creators, and the communities are on the right.

Also, there is “Dynamic Friends Page,” invented to make Snapchat feel even more personal. The new Friends page to the left of the camera displays users’ friends based on the way they communicate with them.

The new Discover page to the right of the camera includes Stories from publishers, creators, and the community. Users’ subscriptions live at the top, followed by other Stories users might be interested in watching. Over time, Discover will become uniquely personalized. While the Stories on Discover are personalized algorithmically, Snapchat’s curators review and approve everything that gets promoted on the page.

And, as always, Snapchat opens to the Camera, making it the fastest way to share a moment with friends.

By separating social from media, Snapchat has built the best way to communicate with friends and the best way to watch great content.

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