13 Online Reviews Stats You Need To Know For 2018

13 Online Reviews Stats You Need to Know for 2018



  1. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
  2. Online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions.
  3. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  4. 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.
  5. Customers spend 31% more with a business that has “excellent” reviews.
  6. Every one-star increase in a Yelp rating means a 5 to 9% increases in revenue.
  7. 40% of buyers form an opinion of a business after reading just 1-3 reviews.
  8. Star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business.
  9. 91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web.
  10. 52% of buyers say they trust a product more if they have a few negative reviews of their product.
  11. Reviews can have an impact of up to 10% on a business’s search rankings.
  12. 89% of users will make a purchase within one week of reading reviews.
  13. 72% of buyers will take action only after reading a positive review.
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