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Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Nanigans

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Nanigans arms in-house marketing teams with a complete software solution for measuring and optimizing cross-channel digital ad spend based on incremental revenue.

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Know the details

Nanigans is the multi-channel advertising software with an emphasis on Facebook marketing. Its software has access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX) for retargeting and a plethora of other tools that make targeting more efficient.

Beyond Facebook remarketing, the platform boasts features focused around Twitter ads and Instagram growth as well. Nanigans is the tool of choice for companies such as Zynga, Wayfair and Rovio. 


  • Unified Campaign Management
  • Actionable Real-Time Reporting
  • Predictive Revenue Optimization
  • Modern Measurement and Attribution
  • Time-Saving Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Predictive Optimization
  • Custom & Deep Data Integrations
  • World-Class Insights & Reporting


On Request

(Nanigans subscriptions are tier based on the number of software seats, ad spend allotments, and number of apps or websites.)

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