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Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: “Clearbit Connect”

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Clearbit Connect

clearbit connect

“Connect” by Clearbit is a chrome plug-in for Gmail which makes it easy to get in touch with anyone, right from your inbox. You simply need to type the name of the company (You can also find the best contact and search by name, job title, or role) you are trying to contact and instantly, will see available contacts at that account.

How to use it?

Step 1: Install extension specified for Gmail and Outlook separately.

clearbit step 1

Step2:  Add extension; you’ll be shown two pricing options- one is free and the other is paid.

clearbit 1

Step 3: You are all set to start with. Find emails typing company name. You can also search by name, job title, or role.


connect 5


Benefits & Features

  • Search for companies
  • Search for people
  • Find email and details
  • Know everything about your contacts



connect by pricing

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