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Google AdWords Rolls Out New Keyword Planner Tool


Google has introduced a rebuilt version of Keyword Planner, which is accessible now in the new AdWords experience.

Making Keyword Planner simple, AdWords has included new features as well. This will help advertisers collect additional data from their search campaigns.

What are the new features?

  • Ability to add keywords in bulk
  • Get an overview of forecasts in one place


Additionally, there have been made some aesthetic changes, in line with the look and feel of the new AdWords experience.

Here, the image is showing data consolidated in the new forecasts section. Now, it includes an estimate of how keywords in the plan will impact performance, including a max CPC.

Additionally, device and location breakdown are available without having to click through to various menu tabs.

This new version of Keyword Planner was initially offered to a limited number of users last month. It is presently accessible for anybody with access to the new AdWords experience.

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