10 Craziest Stats About Ad Targeting

10 Craziest Stats About Ad Targeting



  1. Targeted advertisements are, on average, almost twice as effective as non-targeted ads.
  2. 2/3 of marketers spend up to 25% of their media budget on multiscreen advertising- targeting ads to specific devices and operating systems.
  3. Three-quarters of mobile users believe their privacy is invaded by targeted advertising.
  4. A retargeted display ad will encourage 1,000% more people to search for a product.
  5. Three-quarters of mobile users see targeted ads as invasion of privacy.
  6. 60% of Millennials would happily share their data for coupons or promotions.
  7. A whopping 87% of consumers want a “Do Not Track” option in their browser to avoid marketers.
  8. 1 out of 5 marketers now has a dedicated budget for retargeting.
  9. 70% of marketers fail to target consumers with behavioral data.
  10. Overall average in-target rate is 44%, with important variance seen across product categories.
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