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Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: KAPOST

KAPOST: “Content Curation”


Kapost is a platform that takes into account every step of the content marketing series. At Kapost, it combines world-class software with expert services to build several critical capabilities, so that users can focus on creating content that drives your business forward.

Know the details

Within Kapost, you can come up with compelling content ideas, onboard and systematize writers, run the content making procedure and editorial calendar, share out your content, prop up the content, and evaluate results.  Kapost primarily favors text-based content but also handles video, tweets, and eBooks. Kapost Integrations.

Who should use Kapost?

  • Multiuser teams
  • Companies with a multistage approval process
  • Agencies


  • Workflows
  • Share Calendars
  • Manage Initiatives
  • com app
  • Monitor Personas
  • Dashboard
  • Content Collections
  • Capture Ideas
  • Production Insights
  • Reach Metrics
  • Conversion Insights
  • Custom Reports


Starting at $3,500/month

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