15 Ad Blocking Stats From Digital World

15 Ad Blocking Stats from Digital World


  1. There are 87% more Ads than two years ago.
  2. 77% users accepted that they prefer to Add filter over Adblocker.
  3. 64% of people believe Ads are annoying and they use Adblocker.
  4. 419 million people have installed an Ad blocker on their smartphones to avoid the Ads.
  5. $581.07 billion Global Ad spends in 2017.
  6. 650 million devices now use Adblock.
  7. Adblock usage grew by 30% in 2016.
  8. Adblocking costs around $22billion in 2015 alone.
  9. 74% of Adblock users in the U.S. will leave a website with Adblock walls.
  10. Only 22% of Adblocker users block Ads on their mobile devices.
  11. 60% of current Ad blocker users would turn off Adblocking for content.
  12. 51% have been using Adblocking for 3+ years.
  13. Globally, the number of people using Ad blocking software grew by 41% year over year.
  14. 79% respondents believed their browsing experience improved through Adblock.
  15. Content categories like Entertainment, Gaming, and Sports show the higher-than-average incidence of Ad blocked pageviews.
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