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Google Starts Sending Mobile-First Indexing Notifications


Google has many remarkable products for business use. All those products can be opened on mobile.

This is why webmasters keep on looking for updates regarding mobile services offered from the dashboard of Google.

And as found, Google has now begun sending emails to webmasters to notify them about their sites which have been shifted to mobile-first indexing.

The announcement about notification sending was made last month by the company, but the first instance was seen couple of hours ago.

Although, the news doesn’t show that mobile-first indexing has just started now. Google has confirmed that the process of migration started months ago.

Here is a glimpse of the notifications sent by Google to webmasters who have verified their site ownership with Google Search Console.

Google earlier mentioned that the sites which migrated to mobile-first indexing will have increased activities from the Googlebot Smartphone crawler.


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