Digital Marketing Tool Of The Week: Qwaya

Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Qwaya


Qwaya: “Facebook Ad Manager”

Qwaya is a powerful and affordable tool to optimize your Facebook and Instagram Marketing. 


Know the details

Qwaya is a Facebook and Instagram ads management tool for professionals. It is a great tool for managing your Facebook ads if you are planning to run A/B tests and has a power-editor like interface which makes it easy to get started with. It offers a lot of functionality and comes with seamless integration with Google Analytics for more inclusive and exact data insights.

Benefits & Features

  • Ad scheduler – Ad campaigns can be set up to run at a specific time of day and/or week through smart scheduling.
  • Ad and campaign rules – Well-defined performance-based rules to pause your campaigns.
  • Ad rotation – Ability to auto-rotate your ads
  • URL builder – Allows users to save their work anytime
  • Google Analytics integration – Seamless plug-and-play integration with Google Analytics
  • Multi-user – Users can add multiple users
  • Campaign organizer – Organize your campaigns through a simple drag-and-drop system
  • Split testing – Has automatically structured-in campaigns
  • Multi-product ads – Integrates seamlessly with Facebook’s successful new ad format
  • Excel export – Users can export their spreadsheets and other crucial
  • Targeting and ad templates – Offers a wide variety of advertising templates

QWAYA Pricing 

  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Premium- $149 per month
  • Business- $249 per month
  • Agency- $349 per month

Free Trial: Available

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