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Bing Ads Announces In-market Audience Targeting


Bing Ads has introduced in-market audience targeting for advertisers. In this group, users are most likely to buy for a particular service or product.

Last year in May, Google AdWords also introduced in-market audience targeting to its ads. So, those who have been using in-market audience targeting with AdWords afore can now apply for the same ideas to Bing Ads.

When In-market Audience lists are connected to ad groups, you can target and change bids for these audiences. This targeting is now available to all advertisers in the US.

“In testing, Bing says in-market audience targeting has led to click-through rates up to 28% higher, as well as 48% higher conversion rates.”

Why use In-market Audiences?

  • Expand your audience
  • Increase conversions
  • Boost performance
  • Simple to set up

Get started with In-market Audiences

  • select create Association in the Audiences tab and then choose In-market Audience.
  • Choose the appropriate In-market Audience to associate with the ad group from the list of available In-market Audiences.
  • Select targeting options.
  • Set the appropriate bid-boost (example: 20%), and monitor results.
  • Click Save to finish.


In-market audiences can also be used in combination with other audience targeting preferences like remarketing lists in Search and custom audiences. It can help advertisers improve campaign performance through more abilities to target specific users.

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