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LinkedIn Brings Carousel Ads for Sponsored Content


Carousel ads may be a new advertising format but have drawn the attention of businesses very quickly.

And, the ad format is now being introduced by LinkedIn comprising numerous pieces of sponsored content.

In a single carousel ad, businesses can show up to 10 swipeable cards and all of them can be customized with different sorts of content.

Ideas for using carousel ads include:
  • Doing storytelling with the help of a series of images
  • Showing numerous offerings at once
  • Showing a single offering in-depth
  • Sharing numerous insights from a single piece of content

The new ad format is better than other content types in the LinkedIn news feed due to their engaging and attractive nature.

LinkedIn says 75% of businesses which can beta test sponsored content carousel ads said they would use them again.

Clicks and impressions by individual card can be measured by Marketers.

This facility is available along with measuring other metrics like CTR and number of leads.

At present, LinkedIn proffers reports for marketers that can be downloaded easily and is going to add reporting directly in Campaign Manager in coming months.

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