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GMB Allows Users to Add “Call Now” Button to Posts


Now Google advertisers can add “Call Now” buttons to their GMB posts.

When users will tap the CTA button, a phone call will get triggered to the GMB listed primary phone number.

Businesses won’t be able to change the number added to the “Call Now” button.

The newly added feature was noticed by Colan Nielsen who shared it on Twitter-


Nielsen also said that this feature would be available for businesses in all categories.

Businesses should note that this new CTA button could be used to ask the customer to leave a review too.


This particular button may be new, but the call to action buttons are not new fashion for GMB posts.

Apart from phone call invitation, the CTA button can be used to direct customers to make reservations, newsletter sign up or link to a special offer.

Any business verified in GMB listing is able to create that can appear in Maps, the GMB page and search results.

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