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Google Introduced New Markup for Data Tables


Google rolls out a new schema markup type for presenting data tables directly in search results.

This schema markup planned to be used in news articles by data reporters.

“It works like this: news organizations that publish data in the form of tables can add additional structured data to make the dataset parts of the page easier to identify for use in relevant Search features.”- According to Google


According to Google, some examples of what eligible as a dataset:
  • A table or a CSV file with some data
  • An organized collection of tables
  • A file in a registered format that contains data
  • A collection of files that together create some meaningful dataset
  • A structured object with data in some other format that you might want to load into a special tool for processing
  • Images capturing data
  • Files relating to machine learning, such as trained parameters or neural network structure definitions
  • Anything that looks like a dataset to you

Based on feedback from 30 of the top data journalists in the world, Google identified a chance to improve how tabular data looks in the search result and in doing so make it easier to discover for all searchers to find relevant dataset.

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