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Pinterest Now Enables SMBs to Use ‘Shop the Look’ Pins


Pinterest, a unique social media platform is now enabling small-to-medium sized businesses to utilize “Shop the Look” pins for marketing.

Earlier, only large companies could use these pins.

Also, the companies to use these pins go through third-party Pinterest marketing partners.

Now, Pinterest has provided a self-serve tool to SMBs to use Shop the Look pins on their own by tagging pins.

As such, the feature is widely available as well as easier to use.

The feature is identical to Instagram’s product tagging feature.

Small white dots on the products will confirm that a pin has been tagged using Shop the Look.

Pinterest 1

Tapping on one of the dots will enable users to know more about the products, and also visit the page to make a purchase.

These pins work on mobile and desktop, both and it’s completely free to use. Thus, the feature is cost-effective for a company to promote its products.

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