Google Ads Creates The Ideal Campaign Types For Businesses

Google Ads Creates the Ideal Campaign Types for Businesses


Google Ads come up with a new workflow letting advertisers know about the ideal campaign types for specific business goals.

Once advertisers open the workflow, they can choose their goal and Google Ads will show the matching campaign types.

Then to create campaign type, click on it. It’s quite easy to do that.

Google Ads 1

See the complete list of workflow including advertising goals and corresponding campaign types.

Campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping

  • Goal: Leads

Campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping, Video

Campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping, Video

  • Goal: Product and brand consideration

Campaign types: Display, video

  • Goal: Brand awareness and reach

Campaign types: Display, Video

  • Goal: App promotion

Campaign type: Universal App

Google Ads will also come up with relevant suggestions depending on advertising goals, when applicable.

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