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“DSIM’s curriculum and the trainers were brilliant.”- Monica Das


Digital Marketing is the Next Big Career Choice.”

Monica Das, DSIM Trainee

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It was really great talking to Monica Das, DSIM’s Ex-Trainee & SEO Intern at POPxo Pvt. Ltd.

Q1.  Hi Monica! What is your qualification and where you’re working?
Ans. Hello all! I’ve pursued Masters in Political science from Northern Bengal University.
Currently, I am working as an SEO Intern at ‘POPxo’.
Q2. Why did you choose digital marketing as your career?
Ans. After some research, I found digital marketing is the next big career choice and I’ll definitely get a job after 3-4 months of digital marketing training. So, joined it.
Q3. Why did you choose DSIM?
Ans. I chose DSIM because it provides 100% placement and I was actively looking for that.
Q4. Please share your training experience at DSIM!
Ans. Great!
DSIM’s course curriculum and the trainers were exceptionally brilliant.
Q5. How would you rate DSIM’s training on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 7/10
Q6. Did you find DSIM’s Placement helpful for you?
Ans. I got placed in ‘POPxo’ all because of DSIM and would be making it more prosperous with my passion and skills.
Q7. Your message to young digital marketers!
Ans. One should join digital marketing as it offers several money-making opportunities.
Q8. DSIM in one line…
Ans. “DSIM offers exceptional digital marketing training and secure placement.”
It was really great talking to you Monica. Have a great career ahead!
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