Top 3 Social Listening Tools For 2019


Want to implement social listening tools to increase your social media strength?

In this article, you’ll come to know about social listening and the tools that help you implement social listening.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the procedure of listening to and assessing online conversations about particular topics and keywords.

It can act as content marketing, lead generation, business market research, influencer discovery, customer service, and competitive analysis and monitoring tool.

Here is the list of the social listening tool-

1) Awario


Awario is one of the most popular social listening tools that come with extended features like social selling and social media management.


The tool is great from enterprises like sentiment analysis, influencer discovery, white-label reports & mention maps.


Awario offers Boolean search operators. To organize this feature, you need to set an alert. To do this, click on More Options in the alert setup window. Then click on Switch to Boolean Search appearing at the bottom of the advanced search window. Now, you go typing your search query for setting your alert.


The price of plans starts at $29/month.


2) Brandwatch


Brandwatch is another social listening tool, but different from Awario (the lead generation and social selling tool). This provides analytics and insights for a search.


The business looking for proper market research can use this tool to get a good result. The tool also offers more information about the audience and customer insights to improve your marketing strategies.


To start with Brandwatch, go through its Insights Central, a hub to find a glut of pre-built projects for various sectors and industries. You can copy them directly to your account or use them as your inspiration.

You can start your own search using Boolean search technique and you can create a number of searches and track them using their own dashboard.

The tool offers dozens of filtering options and you can segment your data into different lists.


The price information can be availed upon request.

3) Keyhole


Keyhole is a different kind of social listening from those mentioned in the list. It monitors marketing campaigns and hashtags on the web, but mainly emphasizes on social media channels.


Businesses can track their social media campaigns in real-time along with complete analytics. The best part of this tool is that it uses machine learning technique for predicting the performance of your campaign in the next day, week, or month.


Keyhole is an event monitoring tool and it will track mentions of your event in the real-time. It will also discover influential users discussing your event. There are tons of usable features in this tool, although price looks more, but can give cost-effective returns.


Pricing starts at $199/month.



Social listening can prove to be very much useful for the business’s social presence.

To make your social presence countable, use these above-mentioned three social listening tools.

These tools would offer different features and functions.

Hope you get your business goals fulfilled exclusively.

All the best!!!

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