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Facebook Introduces CTA Stickers for Page Stories


Facebook is trying its best to make its stories very successful. It has been seen that Facebook Stories has been successful like Instagram and WhatsApp. But, the things can change as of the latest data available.

To make its Stories more successful, Facebook has added a new set of Call to Action (CTA) stickers for Pages. The stickers will enable businesses to use stories in a more effective way through direct response tools.


The CTA stickers are a big one for businesses, mainly for those who want to use Stories as a digital marketing process.

In spite of how young Facebook’s Stories still is and knowing that Instagram Stories is a better option, businesses would like to stick with social media due to its potentials.

Stories allow you to share photos and videos in a slideshow that disappear after 24 hours, the Instagram and Snapchat Stories work in the same way.

Little circle that enables you to watch Stories will emerge in the main app above the feed.

Facebook Stories came with a re-designed in-app camera, a new feed of stories above the Newsfeed, and a private messaging featured named Direct.

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