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Google Rolls Out Shoppable Ads on Google Images


Happy news for retailers!!

As Google brings a new way for them to advertise their products in image search with shoppable ads.

With this new ad format, retailers will be able to highlight numerous products in a single ad unit that will next appear among Google Images results.

This new format behaves like shoppable pins on Pinterest where different items within a photo are tagged for sale.

The shoppable ads will emerge in image search results having a “Sponsored” label along with a price tag icon.

The price tag hovering will take users to the prices of the items as well as the brand name and other information.

See the below given GIF example-


Users can click on the product they want to visit the product page and can buy it.

Shoppable ads on Google Images are currently under trial on a small traffic percentage with select retailers.

Google to bring this ad unit to more number of categories across more retailers in the coming months.

Additionally, Google is introducing Showcase Shopping ads to image search.

Google 2

Showcase Shopping ads, which appear in regular search results, will now be displayed in image search results as well.

Google in a recent study stated that 50% of online shoppers said images of a product encouraged them to buy that product.

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