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GMB to Display Product Catalogs on Multiple Devices


An update of GMB says product catalogs will now be seen in desktop and mobile search results.

On previous occasions, product catalogs were only appearing in mobile search results.

Product catalogs are the new addition to GMB and seen to be firstly used in October 2018.

Businesses need to go to ‘Products’ tab for uploading a form for adding products to a catalog.

The items that are edited through product editor will appear in the product catalogs of GMB pages.

Users can see product collection mentioned in the GMB listing and they can browse through items available in the new ‘Products’ tab.

This feature is free to use for users.

Small-to-medium sized businesses can upload product catalogs whether they’re advertisers or not.

So any business can use product catalogs to make their listing more attractive and engaging.

As product catalogs display on the desktop they’ll reach even more numbers of searchers.

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