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Google Revamps Image Search Results on Desktop


Google in its latest update has come up with exciting news for all users who look for Google Images at the first note.

People searching the web for a new hairstyle, or new shoes or a new jacket, the Google search machine helps to visualize their options. Google has overhauled Google Images on the desktop so that users can see what’s out there, also learn more about the images users are interested in and take the further step towards making their idea happen.

For today onwards, when users will choose an image, it appears in a side panel on the page, next to the search results. Imperatively, you can scroll it easily comparing images with others on the page.


This new feature will also make shopping decisions easier as when you choose an image of a product, users will now see details like price, brand, availability, and reviews.

Google images will also have captions to the related images appeared under the image you’ve chosen so you know where you’ll move before you click.

Google 2

For publishers and retailers, this new interface also means users are more likely to visit a web page to receive information to buy a product on your site.

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