Google Ads Brings Seasonality Adjustments For Smart Bidding

Google Ads Brings Seasonality Adjustments for Smart Bidding

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Google in its latest update made a statement over adjustments in smart bidding strategies. These strategies like Target CPA and Target ROAS utilize machine learning to automatically set bids at auction time to enhance the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

While these strategies are already into consideration seasonality, Google knows that there are some vital moments for your business when you expect important shifts in conversion rate, like a new product launch or during sales.

To make these rare situations more controlling, marketers can apply seasonality adjustments for Display and Search campaigns. Understand this by an example- suppose you’re planning a flash sale for the weekend.


Based on historical data, you’ve seen a 50% increase in conversion when you’ve run a similar sale. The seasonality adjustment will allow you to apply for a predicted conversion rate adjustment. Then, Smart bidding will consider that adjustment for the range of date selected, while trying to hit your target CPA.

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