If you are living in India and anyone asks you that which one is the biggest e-commerce site in the whole Asia then definitely you will tell Flipkart. But you will be surprised to know that the website of Indian Railways IRCTC sells to over 4 lakhs products on daily basis. Rather it is another fact that these products are tickets only. If we talk about the revenue, then websites like Flipkart and Amazon seems to be only a dwarf in front of IRCTC. Here, in a day on an average, more than 4.15 lakhs people book tickets here and approx. 10 lakhs people checks their PNR status. Then from this view, it can be said that more than 10 lakhs people come online daily over IRCTC website.

Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the Indian Railway’s IRCTC

• IRCTC started with small capital base of 20 crore. TCS designed the ERP for IRCTC in 2006-07.

• IRCTC website is amongst the most viewed web-sites in the world, rankings under 750 top sites worldwide and under 50 top sites in India.

• On an average, 4.15 lakhs tickets are booked daily.

• Annual booking is of 31 crores in which 55 percent tickets are sold only through ticket window, 37 percent through online mode and rest 8 percent through venders and ticketing agents.

• The record for highest number of ticket booking is for March 1, 2013. On this day, 5.02 lakhs tickets got booked through the online mode.

• IRCTC website was supposed to be the slowest among the category but after some crucial changes made in it in the year 2014, it became the largest and fastest developing website of the Asia-Pacific region.

• In 2013, there were more than 6 lakhs registered users on IRCTC website.

• One user among the five online users in India visits the site of IRCTC in which there are over 120 lakhs unique visitors each month.

• More than 11.57 lakhs berths and seats are booked on daily basis among which 1.71 lakhs seats and 2677 berths are from Tatkal Quota.

• In the financial year 2011-12, Indian Railways had yielded 847 crores from Tatkal Quota booking only.

• The highest traffic on the website has been seen in between 10 am to 12 pm and after several changes in the rules, between 10 am to 11 am, around 40000-50000 tickets are sold on average now on daily basis.

• Many records are on the name of IRCTC like :
On September 2, 2013, approx. 572000 tickets were booked in a single day.
On March 19, 2014, approx. 580000 tickets were booked in a single day.
In the year 2002, IRCTC recorded 5.8 lakhs booked ticket that was 27 on number on the very first day.

• It has more than 21million customers.

• The earning of IRCTC is more than the total value of Flipkart and Amazon.

• More than 1.2 lakhs users can operate the site at any time. IRCTC can generate 7200 tickets per minute.

• The bandwidth of the server is 775MBPS-1GBPS.

• On an average, 432826 tickets are generated on daily basis.

• Nearly 42% of customers pay for IRCTC booking through Internet banking & 24% use Credit/Debit cards.

• IRCTC was listed top in most searched term of the year 2014 by Google India.

• IRCTC also provide I Ticket facility (like E Ticket) which means your ticket will be send by postal after booking through online.

• Here is the number of tickets generated in the last few years:
2010-2011: 9,69,11,000
2011-2012: 11,61,77,000
2012-2013: 14,06,88,000
2013-2014: 15,79,81,713

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