Like you do it any other campaign of your online marketing venture, you need to monitor the performance of calls-to-action and optimize it. You need to evaluate and figure out where to improve and how. To do so you have so many metrics by your side that can help you scrutinize the performance of your CTAs.

Let me explain you about a few primaries and most essential of them.

1) Click-Through Rate

call to action 1 You need to know what percentage of the people who came across your CTA clicked on it. This data is often known as the click-through rate. This metric helps you track the effectiveness of your calls-to-action where ever it is on your blogs, emails, social media and so on.

2) Clicks to Submissions Rate

call to action 2 Click-to-submission rate is another important metric that tell us about the number of visitors who in fact filled out the lead capture form. This metric is really very helpful if you want to test the same CTA for two different pages. You must know the fact that different CTAs are going to have different impact on the visitor as in a CTA in your email have different conversion rate than that of the one on your social media outlet. Based on this information you can optimize your CTA.

3) Views-to-Submission Rate

call to action 3 This is another metric that tells you about how many people who viewed your CTA in fact filled out the form on the landing page. It bestows you with some real god insights to optimize your calls-to-action.

Set target for the performance of your different calls-to-action and work in the direction to achieve those targets. For instance to improve the click-through rate of your CTAs you can make changes to your email template and write more compelling CTAs for different offers. You can tweak the language and design of your CTAs for paid ads and so on. It is important to keep an eye on your performance to work immediately where ever you are lacking or if something is missing.

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