3 Reasons To Outsource Social Media Marketing

3 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Marketing

Last updated on November 8th, 2019 at 03:24 pm

Businesses try to dive into social media world the moment they go online.

Promoting on Instagram and Facebook has become a common practice.

But, if you talk about the success of various businesses on these platforms, some achieve immensely and some find themselves nowhere.


Promotion and marketing on these channels needs creativity, time and numerous other things that every business can’t do.

Therefore, achieving the desired success can only be acquired if you hand over the duties to experts i.e. outsource your social goals.

Here are some essential reasons for outsourcing-


1) Do You Have Time to Managing Social Media?

A businessperson never likes to lose or devalue anything, especially time.

The time-factor leads to outsourcing social media.

But, social media is more than scheduling posts.

You need to invest time in-
  • Tracking your brand advertisements on social media.
  • Monitoring the activities on social media.
  • Trying new growth hack tricks.
  • Responding instantly to any inquiries.

This should happen 24/7.

If you think you can roll up your efforts in a few hours, you may not find the result you’re looking for.

This is especially true for brands having large followings and gets more and more inquiries every minute.

The truth also works for small and medium-sized business as they have to work more for increasing their smaller followings and that should be organically.

So, outsourcing will not only give better results but also save your essential time.

2) Knowing How to Be Social Online is Important?

Social media asks for more and more communication. More you talk to your audience, more you’ll have their trust.

Being a social butterfly online is an art and everybody doesn’t have that knack. It’s time, to be honest with you.

If you’re really not creative, energetic or only virtual butterfly, avoid it.

If you have time, you can have resources that will let you know how to connect with people virtually and become this type of butterfly for your brand.

The first tip to do this is to know your audience. You can use Google Analytics and other social media analytics for this.


If your audience is just as introverted as you are they‘ll most likely continue that introverting in how they communicate online.

If you have an introvert audience, they will likely to hide in forums or browsing Pinterest rather than using social media pages like Instagram or Snapchat.

You should go there where they are, talk their way and make content they’re willing to see. But, don’t try to be an extrovert in an introvert world.

If this idea making you cringe, it would be better to hand over the duty to an agency having enough SMM experience.

3) How much it costs to Outsource?

Social media companies, freelance marketers and content developers all come at entirely different price ranges.

You may find sometimes that these people are less expensive than your in-house social media campaigner. Other times not this much.

The price range of outsourcing social media work vary for various reasons-
  • Type of outsourcing- Freelancers are least expensive, whereas the agency is more costly to freelancers, and enterprises have the highest costing.
  • What kind of monthly deliverables are- More posts and content creation can lead to a higher price.
  • How long the contract is- The longer is the contract, less is the price.
  • Social media tool subscriptions- Sometimes agencies may suggest you have your own account.
  • Social media promotion- Because organic is no longer easy to earn and good enough.
Now, let’s see everything about the in-house costs of social media management-
  • Employees that includes their salary, and benefits, etc.
  • Social media tool subscriptions like BuzzSumo, Hootsuite.

Outsource Social Media 3

  • Content development.
  • Social media promotion.
  • Strategy development and measurement (time and tools).

If you’re hiring a freelancer, you’ll certainly save money on those benefit coverage, but sometimes you may not get cost-effective service. You’re still looking at investing:

  • Your management time.
  • Your communication time.
  • Content development.
  • Social media promotion.


Social media marketing is undoubtedly a profitable medium for business, whether it is about generating traffic or boosting sales.

But, sometimes you may not have the time or would get a costly in-house promotion. So what to do in such conditions?

Outsourcing social media marketing would not only save your time as well as better results. Here are three reasons to choose this.

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