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Given the advantages of Push notifications, it has become a very important consideration while deciding about the marketing strategy of any organization. In Web Push Notifications, users do not have to give any personal information. It is a browser-based tool. In a single click, the user will be subscribed to push notifications.

Push Notification offers one of the best subscription rates of around 15%. The case study suggests that an e-commerce website increased the subscription rate by 10X using push notifications.

Similar to any marketing channels you need to have a good subscriber number to get the best benefit. Though subscribing to push notification is simple, it also suffers from a low subscription rate. The customer has the option to unsubscribe from a push notification. So if you do not maintain a healthy subscription rate, your total subscriber count will gradually reduce.

Top 4 ways to improve web push notification subscription rate:
  • Opt-in Type
  • Optimizing subscription opt-in delay
  • Blocked User
  • Manage Opt-in

1. Opt-in Type

Push Notification opt-in is basically the subscription box that appears at the top of the website. Depending on the type of opt-in, it may appear on the right side, center or left side of the website. There are two ways types of opt-in:

Single Click

In Single click, user has to select only once and he will be subscribed. Though in most cases, a single click offers a better subscription rate than multiple clicks, it doesn’t give any customization. The opt-in text is browser default and cannot be edited. However, there is one way you can optimize a single click using:

Subscription Overlay

This gives you extra space to let the user know the reason to subscribe to your push notifications. Below is a screenshot that can make it clear.

Without overlay
With overlay

As you can see, using the overlay above, you are enticing the user to subscribe to your push notification in order to get the discount code. You can devise any strategy to encourage the user to subscribe.

Multi Click

In multi-click opt-in, the user has to click twice to subscribe to push notification. Once the user clicks on Allow, the intermediate page will open where the user has to confirm the subscription.

In multi-click, you can customize every single detail of the opt-in including the button text. You can choose the color to match your brand, decide the placement of the opt-in. In multi-click opt-in, you have up to 5 different types of opt-in and each with a different display.


Above are different types of multi-step opt-in. You can try out each of the opt-in types and see which leads to a better subscription rate for your website.

How to check which opt-in is performing well?

You can choose a single-step opt-in or multi-step opt-in. However, without data, you won’t be able to decide which one to choose. Using Subscription Opt-in analytics you can analyze the opt-in performance. It will give you a detailed analysis of your opt-in type.


The Funnel analytics report gives a complete picture of how each of the opt-ins is performing. By these metrics, you can compare which opt-in strategy works best for your push notification campaign.

As you can see the report also gives you the number of “Block” and “Allow”. You can work on different copy for the subscription opt-in text and see the impact.

2. Optimizing subscription opt-in delay

Once the customer has visited your site, he may not like to be immediately bombarded with push notification subscription opt-in. Allow the customer to spend time on the website for things he is looking for and then show opt -In.

There are two ways to delay the opt-in:
  • Delay – You can delay showing the opt-in based on the duration the user has been on your site. You can try out different amounts of delay to see which results in a higher subscription rate
  • Scroll – You can delay showing the opt-in based on the % of the page scrolled by the user. Depending upon your page length, you can select the % scrolled after which the opt-in will appear.

Try any of the above types and see how it impacts your subscription rate.

3. Blocked User

User can close the opt-in in two ways:

  • Close or X – If the user clicks on Close, the opt-in will go away.
  • Block – If the user clicks on Block, he will not see the push notification opt-in.

Close or X

In the case of Close or X, the subscription box will appear again depending upon the cookie duration. Instead of showing the opt-in every time the user visits the site, show the opt-in again after 2 or 3 or 7 days rather than the next time he visits the website. This way he will not feel forced into communication. This creates a good user experience and improves the chances of subscription. The number of days can be configured through the cookie.


If any user clicks “Deny” or “Block” he will not receive Push Notification opt-in at all. Since they have blocked, they will not see the subscription box next time they visit your website.

It may happen that the user had by mistake clicked on “Block” and now want to subscribe to your push notification. To ensure, you do not miss out on those opportunities, enable Get Notification Widget.


Using this widget, the user will get the subscription opt-in on their browser and can subscribe. Get Notification widget acts as a recovery option. If the user wants to subscribe to your push notification after he had clicked Block, he has to click on Get Notification. It will display the push notification opt-in again to the user. Now he can subscribe to push notification service. They will now receive push notifications regarding any updates about your product, new blog posts, and updates about your website.

4. Manage Opt-in

Your website has a number of pages. Now, would you like to show opt-in on all pages? For e.g., if the user comes to the privacy policy page and sees the opt-in. The opt-in appearing on this page is completely irrelevant. Users may find in intrusive and click on Block or close the opt-in.

To avoid such a situation, you have an option to “Manage opt-in”. Using “Manage opt-in” you can decide where you want to show the push notification opt-in. You can either include or exclude pages.


The best way is to use the exclude page option. Add all the pages, where you do not want to show your push notification opt-in in the exclude section. This way your opt-in will appear only on those pages which is relevant to subscribers like product pages, category pages, homepage and all.


Though Push Notification is gaining a lot of importance in digital marketing, it is imperative to optimize every aspect of it. The above tactics can help you to increase the subscription rate. However, you also need to ensure the un-subscription rate is controlled.

Usually, people unsubscribe from push notification if you send too many notifications or irrelevant notification. Follow the best practices while sending a notification to decrease the unsubscription which can help you to improve your total subscriber count.

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