Live Video Streaming

Using live videos for brand promotion and service marketing is not anymore a hidden technique.

It’s much in practice nowadays, in particular by small businesses.

So, why using live videos for areas has gone viral?

The answer is quite simple; it’s the quickest way to interact with your existing and targeted audiences, helping you gain their reliability. Once you are in mind of your customers, it becomes easy to sell your products and services.

And, here are some tactics to use live videos to draw great results and learning them at the earliest will help you get most successful results.  Here we go:

Here are 5 tactics to use live video in a product launch-

1. Promoting your broadcast via Instagram Story

You can use Instagram or Facebook stories amid product promotion, letting your audience see your live broadcast or live show. It helps you make your viewers feel important.

Beauty Influencer and Founder & CEO of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan creates amazing and engaging Instagram stories and that is why she has 23.8 million Instagram followers.

live video makeup

Being a non-celebrity, this is a huge success. Her start as a blogger has led to considerable social media success.
Kattan adds her everyday experience in her Instagram stories and the strategy draws scores for her. The links of Instagram stories added in her blog helps in driving traffic and thus, she earns more and more followers from different platforms.

2. Sending Invitations to Email List to Join Live Video

When you are going to appear in a live video, never forget the importance of the email list. Send them an invite to show up.
It’s important to tie all your content together on different platforms in order to reap the advantages of live video making and so, including email is important.
Next, when sending emails, include the benefits of your live video and make your audience understand what they will get after showing up there.
Don’t forget to mention these points; else, you’ll miss the opportunity to let your viewers take interest in your video.

3. Showcasing a Customer Success Story

Video testimonials are helpful and using life streams to get natural and natural and engaging customer testimonials works vividly. It’s more engaging and delivers reliability.

Here, we can understand it through an example:

Most of the companies fail to grab the attention of its users through their testimonial page, but Bluebeam did it magnificently.

Although it’s technically called Customer’s Case Studies page, it’s a great example of spotlighting a customer success story.

You can find video case studies as well as customer panels where they have shared their views.

4. Showing Notifications via a Live Video Bot

Motivate your audiences for subscribing your show through Facebook Messenger bot, so they get the notification while you go live.

When bots are used for live video promotion, they are called live video bots.

With this tactic, you will be controlling everything rather than Facebook determining who seeing your post.

Your viewers or audience will let you know what they want from you when you go live.

Then, you send them notifications in spite of Facebook for your live show.

You can let your viewers subscribe two ways:

• When you are live, motivate your audiences to subscribe to you for getting more content from you. Ask them to put in a keyword in comments to get the further notification.

• Make a short URL for your Facebook live video bot and ask your email list or followers to click the link for further up.

live video 2


5. Showing Your Product’s Preview

You have heard or seen pre-launch videos where brands/businesses come up with a story or the exact product and showing its advantages. Give your audience a preview of your upcoming product or service (lead magnet, product, event, podcast, etc).
A sneak peek at the time of manufacturing or processing paves curiosity among audiences and makes them feel special.
Make a preview of your product, event or service launch by creating cool and engaging headlines, like
“The product for revitalizing your life is yet to launch but here is a little early catch up for you”.

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