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Google, a name people trust and rely on to accomplish a number of things in their lives, will remain unsurpassed as the world’s number one search engine. Also, known as the common man’s search engine, Google with its ever-progressing updates and algorithms has made the search more users friendly and authentic. Now, talking about Google advertising as in why is it so beneficial, the first reason remains the same and it is the Google’s efficiency in fulfilling the varied requirements of the people.

There are so many other reasons as to why should you invest in Google advertising. Let’s go through five very basics of them.

1) A small initial investment would do

google 6 It happens to be one of the main reasons why investing in Google is always safe side. You don’t actually need to make a big investment in the beginning. You need to pay only a small amount to create an adwords account and from then on you can bid on the best keywords. As far as the payment goes, it is billed after every click once you have created you Google Adwords account and released the content. So there would be no loss if you have selected the right and relevant keywords.

2) Can target the traffic

google 7 This one is even more significant aspect of advertising on Google. Google advertising lets you bring targeted traffic directly to your website. You can define your targeted traffic according to location, age and so on. So the chances of the people visiting your site buy your offerings goes higher. They already have a need for the product or service you sell; you only have to move them across the sales funnel smoothly with the help of proper landing page, compelling calls-to-action and so on.

3) Can test Marketing campaigns

google 8 Google advertising allows you to test different types of ads for different keywords. Suppose if a certain ad campaign fails, you can use a different campaign with a different title line and description. For instance, you can carry out your first marketing campaign using exact match keywords and then a phrase match and so on. You don’t need to pay anything extra for testing marketing campaigns as many times as you want. Not just that, even when it comes to bidding on the keywords. You can bid high for good performing keywords and lower for low performing keywords and can even remove the keywords if find them not to be performing well. Such flexibility in a marketing campaigns serves as a major plus point for using Google advertising.

4) Get suggestions about high volume keywords

google 9 Apart from displaying your ads, Google helps with a lot of other things such as suggesting high volume keywords for an ad campaign that will help you with better conversions and better sales. As far as high volume keywords are concerned, they are the keywords searched the most. So if you include them in your ads, its title lines and descriptions, the click-through rates are likely to go higher. Google through its tools tells you about how competitive a keyword is and so whether it will be apt to use that keyword or not.

5) Can track your success

google 10 The best thing about Google advertising is that you can track your success and that you can take effective measures when required. The tool called Google analytics helps you to track the reports of your ad campaigns against keywords. It tells you about both your success and failure. What part of your marketing campaign is giving results and what part is going waste, which keywords are performing and which are not, you easily get to have such information through Google analytics and can make further decision accordingly. You can bid high on well performing keywords and can remove the keywords which are not performing well. This is how you can track your success and failure in real time and can make relevant actions accordingly.
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