Trying to improve your LinkedIn marketing through different content types?

Unable to know which one would do better?

Here are 5 steps that will take you to your final goal of exact content performance.

1. What’s Your Marketing Goal?

Before going into LinkedIn content marketing, define your content marketing goals. These goals can be-

  • Getting more business leads.
  • Escalating brand awareness.
  • Advertise your products and services.
  • Associate with right customers and clients.

2. Select Your LinkedIn Content Media and Content Types

It’s important to understand LinkedIn content types to get success on the platform.

It’s also necessary to know content media from which you can publish your content and interact with potential consumers.

LinkedIn Content Media

Here are examples you can put out diverse content types from different media:

  • Your personal profile
  • Your company page
  • Groups
  • Direct messages or InMails
  • Other people’s content
LinkedIn Content Types

On LinkedIn, the platform prioritizes native LinkedIn content, which is published on the platform itself.  It is because native content outperforms external content.

So, it will always be better to create native content on the platform.

You have to take care of LinkedIn algorithm which prioritizes different content types. For example in 2017, LinkedIn prioritized text-only posts. In 2018, the focus moved to native videos.

At this moment, the following native LinkedIn content types exist:

LinkedIn Articles

Remember to create articles on your personal profile, rather than on your company page.

Right now, articles have a very low priority in LinkedIn feeds. Add videos, slideshows and other LinkedIn posts in your articles.

LinkedIn Text and Photo Posts

Text and photo even though used as content marketing strategy in 2017 is still ought to be second best one. But, do not ad links to external websites within your post text.

Rather add them in the form of a comment in order to avoid punishment by the algorithm.

You can link to other LinkedIn content. This allows you to re-promote your native LinkedIn content, such as videos in context.

LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn is giving high priority to videos currently as it has to compete with YouTube and Facebook videos as the best video platform for business content.

But, a lengthy video doesn’t perform in a work environment, so it would be better to add subtitles in each video and include a summary of your video in video description.

3. Select Your Topics and Themes

Wondering what to publish on LinkedIn? Great content has three characteristics: Your audience will love it, it demonstrates your expertise, and it qualifies your audience.


You should smartly choose your topics and themes have a good content mix in order to present fresh content every time.

You can choose a theme for each month, a unique theme for each week and a diverse content type for every weekday.

Communicate in a personal and conversational manner. Here are some content ideas to start with-

  • How-to content
  • Opinion pieces
  • Industry news
  • Achievements
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Life and business lessons


  • Knowledge and skills
  • Mindset
  • Leadership
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Productivity
  • Soft skills


4. Organize Your Editorial Workflow

To keep your audience educated and entertained, you need to work systematically.

If you don’t have a work system, it may be possible you won’t come up with your content strategy at one time.

So organize your team and assign them topics from your content strategy and plan each plan carefully.

Discuss your plan with them in details and let them know what your content goals are.

5. Populate a Sales Funnel with Native LinkedIn Content

Now, you know different content types and media, put everything together now.

You now need to enhance the number of touch points with every reader, listener and viewer and then to move users away from LinkedIn to your website.

How would you do that?

Make a content upgrade and place it on your website.



LinkedIn content marketing has different ways to get success. But, you need to follow some guidelines.

Here are 5 steps to win your LinkedIn content competition.

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