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Business Blogging is not simply writing anything that comes your mind like it happens in literature, you can leave your brains like an open parachutes. It is far more technical and you have to be well-versed with the technicalities to go ahead with it. Aspiring to become an agile business blogger here we have a few tips for you that you must consider to transform yourself into an agile business blogger.

1) Make a plan sheet

Business Blogging 1 A plan sheet will help you maintain your content strategy. Make a plan sheet that includes everything starting from the topics to be written to the keyword to be included, date and time of publish and so on organized on a monthly basis. By making a plan sheet you make a format of goals your blog should accomplish that month. Your blog is supposed to achieve certain goals such as to bring more and more visitor to the top of the sales funnel by addressing the right target market.

However, you actually don’t have to write exactly the same topic on the exact date mentioned in your plan sheet all the time. Make it a little bit flexible. Write on the new and burning agendas that come your way. Try to find out a balance between the two –sticking to your plan sheet and at the same time not missing out what’s latest and new that people will love to hear about.

2) Use the News

Business Blogging 2 Capitalize on the popularity of a news story. It will drive a lot of the traffic to your website. However make sure it is latest and fresh. People love to know about something they don’t know. Making story that s related somewhere to your business out of a story that’s latest and happening is a good idea. Figure out the ways you can tie the latest news story to your offering and get the innumerable benefits it proffers. The most remarkable point here is that the later you are in making an interesting story out the news; the lesser will be the interest people will have in it. Hence, the moment that interesting news comes grab it as soon as possible and tie it to your offers in a more interesting way and present it to the audience.

3) Hold New Industry Trends

Business Blogging 3 Don’t get afraid of the technology. Instead go ahead and flaunt your ability to acknowledge the technology in the best possible way. Being an agile business blogger you should be excited about the new ideas, technology updates or products. Test them out and write about them and let the world know some more facts related with it. It will add a great value to your work. Many surveys in past unveils that people who have tested the new things and have written about them before the news loses its charm are the most successful ones.

4) Experiment with New Content Formats

Business Blogging 4 It’s good to follow the same old conventional blog post way of writing that includes an introduction to the topic, then points and sub points and then a brief conclusion. However, being an agile business blogger you should be open to new content formats. Go ahead and experiments with different formats to go well with the type of content you are writing. Sometimes some people are looking for more in-depth information on something that cannot come exactly in your 500 hundred words. In such cases you can of course go ahead and increase the length of your blog. Similarly, people out there don’t have time to go through your lengthy article most of the times, in such cases you have to keep short and simple.

However how will you get to know which blog to keep shorter and which one has to be lengthier? It’s the content and its demand that decides it. If people are hunting for something more and more, they will afford to read a lengthier blog too and in fact they will love to save that as their favorites. However, make sure your language is quite simple and readable. The sign of good vocabulary is not to use difficult words but to use the most appropriate word where it is required. Besides, try adding multimedia content to your blog as that will add more value to it and will make it more interactive.

5) Get the content checked

Business Blogging 5 Being an agile business blogger , your speed at writing blog is really high and sometimes you don’t have time to check whether what you have written is all set to go or not. Even if you have checked it once you must prefer somebody else to go through it to check certain things that are very important from the readers’ point of view. They should check if your idea that you think is amazing is really amazing for the readers or not. There should be somebody who should check the grammar and spelling of your content and that it is not offending anybody with its content. Besides, they should also check the flow of your content, as in it should not look like those discrete packets summed up in one blog and should check if your content is factually correct.

These were a few facts that are important and must be kept in mind while writing a business blog. Agile business blogging is not a rocket scientist but yes you have to be specific when it comes to the technicalities or the data related with your topic. You just can’t write anything. Moreover, you must do proper research before you write a business blog.

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