6 Content Amplification Tactics To Boost Your Reach

6 Content Amplification Tactics to Boost Your Reach

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Last updated on April 7th, 2018 at 03:54 pm

When you are putting your best efforts in curating content, you always want to increase the numbers of shares, likes and comments once you hit the “publish” button.

But, if you don’t get your wishes fulfilled, you feel doubting yourself.

Don’t lose confidence, you’re not a lousy content writer and it could happen to anyone. It may be possible, you would have the ability to come up with a great piece of content, but you aren’t picking the right things for your content amplification.

In this post, we’re going to share 6 content amplification tactics that would be working efficiently in outreaching your content to the readers who are eagerly waiting for a productive and useful content.

1. Know Smart Ways to Recreate & Schedule

When you are looking for immense amplification of content on social media, you have to go smartly.

For instance, if you’re publishing your content pieces on different social media platforms, the moment you live them impairs your reach.

Remember, social media always remains active and brands, in order to maintain their social media calendar, try to publish their content number of times to different social media per day.

You can amplify your content through social. Consider you’re posting strategy, your frequent postings may snag the attention of a reader and they may start avoiding your content after one time.

Now, when serious about the outreach of your content, you need to focus on two things, one is the scheduling and another is its recreation.

You can publish two pieces of content in a short gap of time but both of them should have uniqueness.  As long you’re publishing fresh content pieces, you’re going to have a good score.

As long as you’re making an effort to present your content as something fresh rather than constantly repeating yourself, you’re golden.

You can use social scheduling tools for managing your content calendar as well as they’ll let you know the best time to post your content on social.


2. Tagging Influencers is an Advantage

Tactical or strategic tagging is something that is highly recommendable in content amplification. When you add screenshots and citations in your post not only enhances the engagement of the post but also motivates others to do promotion for you.

When you include any known name of your industry or any influencer, you immediately let them know they’ve been featured. You can also accomplish this by tagging people or brands through Twitter or Facebook.

Tagging could play an essential role in getting your post tracked by your followers and other social users.


3. Consider Your Own Network

According to Stackla research report for 2017, consumers trust content and recommendation shared by their peers far more than brands.

So, find people in your network that include customers and employees to post the content rather than doing them yourself solely. These people are your brand advocates and can be your own people who will wishfully share your content, providing a personal touch to your brand.

If you want a quick content amplification process, you can contact Sprout Social for the same. You can see the amplification and distribution tools of the site.


4. Focus on Repurposing & Recycling of Content

If you think all content pieces are equally similar in reach, then, abandon this thought. A popular video on Facebook or engaging infographics on LinkedIn are two different types of content and their performances can’t be compared.

Therefore, all brands should find time-saving content repurposing ways. Content amplification allows you to experiment with platforms, tools, and new mediums.

Create an infographic using free image creation tools employing precise data about your content.

Repurposing of content helps you on all social platforms whether it’s LinkedIn or Medium.

These content amplification tactics represent quick ways to stretch your pieces and simultaneously fill up your social calendar.

The above-mentioned ideas help in quick content promotion and also fill your social media calendar.

5. Use Social Platforms for Advertisement