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We all want to pay less for anything and everything. Don’t we? And anyway an effective marketing is the one in which you pay as less as possible and yet achieve some wonderful returns. PPC marketing in Google Adwords is no different. There are so many costs involved in PPC marketing such as cost per conversion, cost per click and so on. Remarkably, they are all inter-related, for instance your cost per conversion is sure to go down if your cost per click descends. So you work on one thing and everything automatically gets on the track.
There are two ways you can lower your CPC either you lower your bid, which is however not recommended or Google lowers your CPC depending upon your ad rank prized by it. Now what would be the ways that will make Google improve your ad rank and eventually reduce your CPC? Here are six most basic ways that will help you reduce cost per click in Google Adwords.

1) Right targeting

cpc 1 When you start creating highly targeted ads to your one keyword, it will eventually increase the click-through rate that will in turn increase your quality scores making your ad rank to go up and lowering your CPC in the end. Therefore, the more relevant your ads are, lower will be your CPC.

2) Track conversions

cpc 2 Make sure you have enabled conversion tracking in order to know which keywords, landing pages and PPC ads are giving results and which are not. Now based on the results, you can pause those which are not performing well until you figure out what you want to do with them.

3) Quality Scores

cpc 3 Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords, landing pages and PPC ads. Google determines your cost per click through it and also determines your ad rank by multiplying it to your maximum bid. Higher your quality scores are, lower will be your cost per click.

4) Click-through Rate

cpc 4 It is the metric that really happens to be very important when it comes to the lowering of cost per click. If people who see your ads click it, it indicates Google that your ads are relevant and helpful to the visitors. So, based on such indications Google lowers your cost per click if your click-through rate is high.

5) Regular monitoring

cpc 5 Why is regular monitoring so important to reduce the cost per click in Google adwords? Because this is how you would be able to find out the ad campaigns or the keywords that are not performing well and make modification on time before it is too late in order to maintain your quality scores.

6) Multiple ad copies

cpc 6 One more way to reduce cost per click in Google Adwords is to have multiple ad copies as it would increase your quality score which will in turn reduce your cost per click.

So, these were the six incredible ways you can lower your CPC. One more thing that you should be aware of is that Google not only considers your current campaign but also those you have run in the past. So make sure you think about your potential quality scores before you launch a campaign.

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