The crazy college students who started an awesome business out of their dorm room and now they are millionaires. While it is rare to make millions off of your own business when you are in college, it is something that does happen.

Many of these kinds of businesses have come and gone, but some have managed to stay the course and solidify themselves in their field. These companies were started by all different types of individuals from many different universities/colleges. Many of them were founded out of dorm rooms with little-to-no-capital at the start.All 7 companies began with a simple vision and college roots.

Here are some college startups that made the leap from good idea to great company:


Founder(s):Prabhkiran Singh, Siddharth Munot
College:IIT Bombay
Founded: 2012


Bewakoof is a cool casual-wear brand. sells apparels and mobile phone covers. Bewakoof has taken the revolutionary approach to create products in-house and sell it directly to customers. It’s a no-middleman, no-rentals, no-markups business model, which is centered on selling straight to customers online.

2. Practo

Founder(s):Shashank ND, Abhinav Lal
College:National Institute of Technology Karnataka
Founded: 2008


Practo is the largest scheduling service to doctors in India. Practo is a digital health-care leader and one of the fastest-growing health care companies in India. They now have two software products on offer – one for consumers to search and book appointments with doctors and another used by doctors, clinics and hospitals to manage appointments and digitize records. Over 1.5 lakh doctors are listed on the service in over 35 Indian cities.

3. Bluegape

Founder(s):AyushVarshney, Sahil Baghla
College: IIT Kanpur
Founded: 2011

sahil-ayush bluepage

Bluegape is a visual blogging platform. Bluegape’s platform allows users to make collaborative listicles with visuals and embed them on other sites. It’s a mix of Quora and BuzzFeed wherein the startup has a user-generated content creation model like that of Quora and a social media-oriented consumption model similar to that of BuzzFeed.Bluegape will tie up with offline wholesalers, distributors, retailers who will in turn work with brands for offline distribution of their merchandise.

4. Fabence

Founder(s):Anshul Gupta
College:Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi
Founded: 2014

fabence is India’s first personalized Fashion discovery platform committed to provide Fabulous Experience to all its users. It is a fashion and discovery engine that allows users to discover fashion products from multiple sites on one single platform. It also helps users in making a purchase decision by providing assistance through personalization.

5. Notemybook

Founder(s):Divyansh Saxena, Vikramank Singh
College:Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (VESIT)
Founded: 2014


NoteMyBook is an online store for second-hand books for engineering students. NoteMyBook is a platform that allows students to buy and sell books. Students can register on the website as a buyer or a seller or both. They can then list the books they want to buy or sell. The company then collects the books from sellers and then delivers them to buyers at their doorsteps.

6. Mechjunction

Founder(s):Satwik Mishra
College:VIT University
Founded: 2013

machjnction Satwik3

MechJunction works with an intense vision of helping mechanical engineering students and professionals in best possible ways. MechJunction is a unique and efficient platform for mechanical. A platform which is a job portal, provides Industrial training, skill development programs, online magazines etc. all for Mechanical Engineering Students.

7. Strados

College:Illinois Institute of Technology
Founded: 2014

Nishanth_Samala_5 stardo

Strados is a mobile application that provides diagnostic services for cars. Strados helps people understand what their car is saying. Using the Translator, a Bluetooth-enabled, low-energy device that plugs into a car’s diagnostics port, Strados translates a car’s data into emotions, colors, and text to describe its health and how it is doing. If something goes wrong, Strados analyzes the issue and comes up with solutions along with cost estimates and severity ratings to make sure a driver is armed with the proper knowledge when getting the car fixed.

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