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7 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

By DSIM Team / 02/09/2016
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Last updated on October 8th, 2016 at 11:50 am

It’s good to build an inordinate rocket, but its better build it on a launching pad or it won’t go anywhere. The same applies with blogging. Either you put in a ton of consistent work, writing and connection building keeping in mind to create a successful blog or get lost in the sea.

To learn and get individuals to read your blog is a challenging task. Follow these few Do’s and Don’ts of blogging and come up with a blog that stands apart from the rest.


Dos of blogging

  • Make a Blog that Interests you

 As a blogger it’s significant to take advantage of your energy. Moving inverse of your interest makes you get jaded quickly and your readers too. You can’t legitimize the idea of food blog if in case you are an individual with enthusiasm for fashion. A blog with sharper focus on brought together subject helps you treasure your audience quickly.

  • Pay Courtesy to the Design of Your Blog

A good blog design has a positive impact on the traffic as these help readers to stop and stay, though it must get balanced with the quality content. If your blog design sucks, readers will leave your place quickly.

  • Write in Your own Individual Voice

At the point when done appropriately, writing in an individual tone and style instantly helps readers feel good with an author and this solace level normally imparts itself to readers. 

  • Invest Time Working on Post Headlines

Your headline is the thing that makes anybody stop, read and share the post. This, more than anything, dispatches your post before your group of people. Writing the best headlines within preferred length is something that keeps the attention of readers with your introduction.

  • Include Images

Blogging is simply not about plain content composed on a page; a unique and attentive post is the blend of content, pictures, and different multi-media components. Posts that have visual advance probably draw readers and also get movement from image search engines.

  • Respond to Blog Comments

Replying to blog comments is an awesome approach to build relationship with your audience. This is a chance to interface specifically with the individuals who are reading your work. It is not needed to response to all the comments, but must give consideration to those important.

  • Share Your Post on Social Platforms

Take after the standards at popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. Each time you make another post to your blog, let your readers know about it by presenting on these prevalent destinations.


donts of blogging

  • Post Long Chunks of Text

Come to point and keep your posts short. This is required as your target readers have short span of attention. Long pieces of content are hard for readers to digest, particularly when reading on mobile and tablets. Separate your substance into shorter sections, visual cues and lists at whatever point conceivable.

  • Run into Publishing without Final Proofreading

Get your eagle eye on and edit your work before getting it published. On finishing the writing part, take out some time and read it appropriately. This helps you see the typos and grammatical mistakes as we all know that even a minor mistake can break the reader’s fixation.

  • Feed the Trolls

As said you can’t make the whole world glad and so, when taking care of haters in blog remarks, you need to pay careful consideration. This is realized that trolls are not polite, these emit smoke and throw fire and the most ideal approach to manage is trying ducking them.

  • Write Innocently for Search Engines

Though it is good to infer explored different and synergistic strategies of search engine optimization, but not entirely. As a blogger you need not to invest all your time thinking of search engines and the post must adhere to the users’ longings.

  • Turn out to be too Promotional

Self-promotion as an author never works. Your group of readers reads blogs to get educated or entertained. They are not here effectively searching out an ad for a brand’s product and being excessively promotional can be daunting.

  • Be Negative/Boring

Blogging simply like any other act of storytelling is a balancing task and here you need to be exact and get to the matter quickly and plainly. Additionally, abstain from being negative in your posts. You’ll go a great deal by being positive, stimulating and compassionate to the readers that you’re writing to. Knob your readers’ interests and come up with great posts.

  • Give up too Quickly

Making a blog takes time and there is significantly more to do than just creating it and publishing posts. You need to enlighten individuals about your work if you wish them to know & care and it is unfathomably unsettling to keep showing up when no one else appears to take note.  In your journey, you have to be patient and give time to your audience to grow.

Contemplating writing a blog or already in the stream, taking after above mentioned tips can work as add-ons to make your blogging experience enriched.

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