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“If you love your job, you don’t have to work even for a single day in your life and you still get paid!”

 -Kunal Choudhary, Digital marketer, Public speaker and trainer at DSIM

But the idea is there so many things that keep coming and fascinate us making us feel that this is the one that we were hunting for and most of the times they land you up in a situation when you feel why the hell did you stepped in it even. This is what! Identifying a career, a job you love is very important but what’s more important is identifying it correctly! It shouldn’t just be a craze but a well thought out step.

“Digital Marketer” is a job title that can be the one however again, if that suits you, your lifestyle and nature.

Based on the traits of the most successful digital marketers of the world, here are 7 signs that tell you have it in you to start a successful career in digital marketing.

1) You can’t just do without the Social Media

With social media becoming a great place for business to engage and acquire customers, social media marketing is one of the most booming sectors of the digital sector and that if you are a social media freak, you can use all your enthusiasm and inventiveness while working as a social media marketer. So, this is how you earn big while doing something you anyway love to do.

2) Internet is the destination you frequent quite frequently

Whether it is the information you were searching for, a product or service you were hunting for, a hassle-free shopping or just a casual research, if you frequent the web every now and them for almost all your needs, you are for sure a right fit for a digital marketing career as digital marketing is all about the web. All you need is a little bit of creativity, a pinch of innovation and some smart work apart from making internet your soul-mate …without making your soul-mate jealous of it. 😛

3) Google happens to be the first one to approach to get a solution

You can indubitably handle your digital marketing ventures capably on your own, if you approach Google before approaching your friends/colleagues in case you need a solution, an answer. This is what digital marketing requires you to do to accomplish a lot of tasks.

4) You think and act innovative

If reading blog happens to be your favorite past time, writing is your passion and you have or plan to have a website of your own and share your thoughts around then you can have a very bright future in content marketing field , a digital marketing wing that’s increasingly becoming the need of the hour. So, you can always cater to the content needs of businesses or can earn money through Adsense & Blogging.

5) You always wanted to become an entrepreneur but limited resources & funding were holding you back

Recently, in an article we talked about how you can have a successful entrepreneurial career even with limited resources and funding so I don’t think I need to talk much here. If you have an entrepreneur inside you waiting eagerly for an opportunity, you don’t need much capital, time, money or even much effort to become an entrepreneur in this field. All you need is some money, some time, some effort, lot of smart work and a judicious utilization of resources. Simple! 🙂

6) Hard work is good but smart work is your approach

If opening the laptop or sitting in front of the desktop bothers you, then the good news is you don’t even need too, for mobile marketing is anyway the present and future of marketing. So, you can always carry on with your Smartphone.

If you weigh relationships very high and think that they are something that can build the world then digital marketing is the one for you, for they build your business as well. The web is all about what it’s all about- the human relationships! Brands connect people, interact with them and engage them on web. So, here your way is actually the highway! 🙂

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