7 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

As we know that social media is dynamic and it changes every second. So, it is considered essential to be aware of the recent trends and updates going on in the current era and the famous happenings around different areas.

During the establishment of an honest connection with the online audience by pertinent and entertaining knowledge is a forever gold standard in social media. 

Well, I guess now is the time to concentrate on some of the finest social media trends of 2020 as these will further provide the best social media marketing services to businesses. 

#1 TikTok will trend 

Apparently, TikTok has in all 1.5 billion users and will continue to trend in the year 2020 as well. The application is considered the same as Vine which was established in the year 2012 and later ceased down by Twitter in the year 2017. The same might be the reason behind the publicity of TikTok. 

The application mainly allows users to lip-sync or dance on their favorite hit numbers, and songs. It has the involvement of many actual pieces of audio as well that are made by different other users.

For now, there are not many numbers of organizations present on TikTok, however, it is still the best opportunity for brands to promote their products in the right way possible. 

A lot of celebrities like Bob Saget and Howie Mandel are busy promoting their television and hosting gigs. Meanwhile, there are other celebrities like Reese Witherspoon who acquire the real news coverage, soon as they joined the platform. Mainly, TikTok is used for sharing videos when you are feeling, or funny videos that make other people laugh.

Many actual songs are turned into and comedy as well on the application, and the trend will consistently grow stronger in the coming year also. 

#2 Increase in video counts 

Now, the amount of time spent on watching videos will be increased, no matter what.

As per a marketing agency named Zenith’s online video forecasts 2019, the contemporary duration of time spent on watching different videos is 84 minutes. And, as per the recent reports plus studies, it has been seen that it will be increased up to 100 minutes till the year 2021. It means 21 days in a year which also keeps increasing, and the users keep on watching the videos on various platforms (more frequently mobile).

If you are watching videos for more than one hour, then it is also counted as social media videos, for instance, Snapchat and Instagram stories that are constantly watched by the users now and then. 

Talking about Instagram stories, in general, there are more than 500 million users who watch stories daily. With the integration of TikTok, which is a complete video application, watching a video online can take more time and the number of shares of the whole social media usage. 

#3 Methods to buy on social 

As Pinterest and Instagram are keen on allowing the users to purchase products directly from the shopping links smoothly at a quick speed, then it is easy for every user to purchase products on social media.

As per the social sharing tool AddThis, nowadays users are more than ready to live in the universe of shopping on social media. 

Around more than 75 percent of users report that they are keen on the usage of Facebook for discovering and searching for new products for buying and 30 percent of them are ready to shop on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Facebook is a platform that ensures the purchasing and selling of products by its platform. Feel free to run ads to the products, by providing a complete experience to the users for finding, learning, buying the product directly on social media. 

#4 Podcasts are on-demand 

You might think of starting podcasts or someone around you might like it. As per the statistics of Convince and Convert, a maximum number of American people listen to podcasts.

The amount of time spent on listening to the podcasts’ daily or weekly majors will be continued to trend more and more. The given time span which is considered right for the validity of the brand. 

Yet another logic says, that even if podcasts are supported by a lot of people on different platforms but it does not mean that they will be the best choice for the organization.

During the consideration, whether the podcasts are valid or not, the decision for the same is valued according to the current competition and everything that is already covered in a particular genre. 

For example, there are dozens of marketing podcasts available for listening. The launch of another marketing podcast that does not have a distinctive angle will ultimately not see the kind of growth that begins from a specific niche podcast in an area that has not been undertaken until now. 

Going with an example, a podcast about Facebook Ads will be more famous than the new podcast about social media advertising on an entire level. Take observation about how niche can a podcast be to be a good interest to the audience (by turning into something new, that has not been heard before by the audience)

#5 Usage of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots 

Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbot programming for the interface with the apparent and targeted audience will consistently grow as a communication technique on social media. 

The earlier linked AddThis post involved that seventy percent of users prefer purchasing a product by messenger or a chatbot window. The same lack of reluctance represents a precious opportunity for social media advertisers who are willing to reach customers in a brand new manner. 

There are a lot of services that permit organizations to build chatbots easily and artificial technology can be harnessed by APIs for making the right use of communication technology for reaching the customers. It can be either through applications like a Facebook, messenger or via chat form on the website.

By making use of such kinds of automated services, there can be a greater reach for more number of users. 

#6 Even the digital world needs a detox 

With advancement and modernization in the digital world, it is sure that the detox for the same will be increased. 

As the video and social media applications like TikTok will opt for growth in the year 2020, the social media trends might go for a movement where there will only be a specified amount of time spent on the same which will be called a “digital detox”. 

As per the studies of Smart Insights, 30% of the users prefer uninstalling the social media application from their mobile devices as their device gets overloaded. 

Due to the same, one can choose or expect from social media users to stay around to spend time on some particular platforms only. Some of the huge platforms are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Users will begin to settle down and spend their time only on the ones that bring the best benefit mentally as well. 

The other applications that are not seen as active with the audience, they presently want to engage with, will not be used much often. The same thing-provides a brand to the particular opportunity for interacting with the users on specific platforms as their potential customer prefers, rather than attempting to do everything at a time. 

#7 Micro-Influencers are special 

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that in today’s world, the micro-influencers are bringing a completely new difference to the world out there. They have been making a difference with their ideas and creativity every now and then. 

Today, it is not just about the online influencers that are having tons or thousands of followers, but about good recognition. Currently, every brand is looking out for micro-influencers and the nano influencers who are also bringing a good number of sales. 

As per the studies, the consumers feel reliable to buy products and services with reference from the influencers rather than directly buying it from the website or market itself. The influencers can represent recommendations of a product, reviews, and those as well who have great audiences.

In case, your organization is interested in undertaking any influencer marketing, then it is better to spend the campaign budget around some small influencers, instead of a large one. 

A great benefit about it is that you can get a good level of exposure especially if you are collaborating with them for a social media giveaway, competition or a play. The same can even help the micro-influencer to learn more about his or her audience and also the audience to know more about the product or services, by sharing the information as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no need to keep such requirements in the giveaways which are against any of the platform’s terms or services, wherever the same is shared. Social media is constantly changing with trends and uses every year, so altering every step can be beneficial for brushing up the tricks and tactics for the coming year, leading to better results and high potential. 

Check out these points for considering: 
  • Make usage through videos, micro-influencers, and various other trends that are stated in the write up above. It is beneficial because it ensures the brands to reach a huge audience in different ways. 
  • Rendering products for selling on numerous platforms like Pinterest or Facebook, which further makes it simpler than it has ever been for the customers to buy anything. 

This list may not have everything decked up, however, it will surely help you for the next six months because you never know when what changes! 

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