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As marketers we often hold on to our creativity drawing on inspiration. But what about the content pieces that once created are laying some place round the corner. Do the posts hold a purpose any longer?

To bring through the answer, I would refer to a post on Hubspot which I met arbitrarily. The review brings the point by point consideration on strategic execution of repurposed old blog content and reveals that the strategy leads to huge spike in organic traffic and gets fresh backlinks processing the site to higher ranking.

Doesn’t it sound interesting that you can use your old blog content to draw in new readers?

Here we go, discussing few steps to help you extend the lifespan of existing blog content; creating opportunity for readers to profit by you.

# Step 1: Classify content to republish

  • Under-performing

Your initial step is to find a piece of content to republish. You can consider the pages where organic traffic sloped, pages which acquired lower rankings, content that functioned below your expectations, or content that is good yet can be better, using Analytics Tool.

  • Evergreen

Here you categorize static and evergreen content types to change to intuitive structures. These pieces always sparkle and deliver the utmost quality experience. You can choose foundation stories/tips & tricks/comprehensive pieces.

# Step 2: Pick your purpose and make your content better

As you have recognized the slighter performing/evergreen content, your next step is towards perceiving the reason for your work before you take a dive and further, improving the picked pieces. Make content up-to-date offering clear and practical bits of knowledge, adding improved information.

# Step 3: Bring up-to-date images and screenshots

With images and screenshots taken from the past, your posts look old. So, update the existing with the new ones. This is a simple yet effective way to bring appeal and repurpose your content into interactive equivalents, rather than pointless/dull pieces.

# Step 4: Improve the post structure

Your old post might have pointless area compared to today’s presentation needs. Bring the short and the sweet kind scrapping the needless ones. Ensure there is not any overlap of subject matter and improve the plot. You can add a new section or an infographic/case study.

# Step 5 Do more storytelling

Story finds your purpose and works as the base for your content development. It matters being one of the most gripping parts of a post. So, when finding your old post with zero storytelling, include a backstory. 

# Step 6 Time to Relaunch!

Now that your post has become current and better, it’s time to share it with the individuals and communities.

# Step 7 Promote your repurposed content

Content promotion is a known strategy to marketers and once you have made your blog post ready for resubmission, you need to promote the heck out of it.

Share like crazy via social media, do the targeted email outreach. While promoting your relaunched post, put your content’s new features up front to get a lift in clicks and traffic.

With the above mentioned workable action plans, you can see how powerful your content relaunch becomes.

Most of the people have an abundance of excellent content sitting in their files. And it’s usually in effect to republish these pieces compared to crafting something new from scratch.

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