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It is obvious to find AdWords at the forefront of every PPC plan, but there are other alternatives as well you should look for getting results.

The post here shows a short overview of other networks that can be added to your PPC mix to drive qualified traffic and results. We have chosen 9….

1) Amazon

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When looking to grow through sponsored products as an ecommerce merchant, Amazon is a great opportunity. When selling your products on the platform, you can pay for sponsored shopping ads and it will direct users to your products on Amazon.

With Amazon Advertising, you can:
  • Target ads by shopper search keywords or products
  • Build ads quickly and easily—no design or technical expertise needed
  • Pay only when shoppers click your ad
  • Optimize performance with detailed sales reports

How it works?

  • Register and start creating an ad campaign
  • Select the products you want to advertise
  • Set your targeting, bid, campaign budget, and duration
  • Submit your campaign

2) AdRoll

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AdRoll is one of the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platforms of choice for over 35,000 advertisers worldwide. It offers other products outside of just retargeting that include prospecting (programmatic display), email retargeting, and a new product called “AdRoll Onsite,” which nudges visitors down the funnel through personalized pop-ups.

Benefits & Features
  • Open Access to over 500 ad exchanges, including native inventory like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
  • Conveniently place ads, monitor performance, and fine-tune your campaigns with an easy-to-use platform.
  • Performance Engineering

3) Quantcast

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Quantcast specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising and using its data set and audience insights, molds a new, untapped display audience for marketers. It drives visits and revenue to the site.

Quantcast Measure: a free data and audience insights tool to help advertisers build their strategy, learn about their audience behaviors and personas, and learn about competitor audiences.

Quantcast Advertise: The only advertising product suite powered by massive dataset of unique real-time customer browsing behaviors.

Quantcast Audience Grid: It works as an open data platform for digital advertising.

It offers paid advertising, programmatic, real-time, display advertising, focusing on new acquisition and audience views.

4) Bing Ads

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This powerful advertising network has powerful benefits and you can reach an audience that spends 25 percent more than the average searcher. It brings tools to help manage your campaigns and meet your advertising goals. Whether that is working with a fixed budget or trying to hit a cost per acquisition or action, Bing Ads gives you the control to make that happen.

Benefits & Features
  • Sign up for free and start advertising with any budget
  • Only pay for clicks
  • Measure performance
  • Budget By Day Or Month

5) Yahoo! Gemini

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With Yahoo Gemini search and native advertising solutions, you can target, reach, and engage your audience to drive measurable actions and conversations. You can quickly have your campaigns up and running, and the management tools let you easily tweak daily budgets and keep the campaigns on pace to hit monthly targets. To generate revenue with native ads!

Benefits & Features

  • Superior targeting
  • Engaging ad formats
  • Expansive reach
  • Measurable results

6) BuySellAds

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BuySellAds is one of the largest networks advertisers can use to effectively disseminate their banner ads around the web. The platform segregates itself as Publishers and Advertisers and is a convenient marketplace with transparent processes, which provides a good choice of high-quality sites, especially in internet and tech niches.

How to get started?

  • Browse the marketplace

Simply browse around the Marketplace, or use the search bar to refine your search criteria. You can also browse by category to narrow down your search.

  • Add to cart

Once you’ve decided on a property, simply select the ad zone you’d like to book and add it to your cart. You can of course add as many ad zones as you need.

  • Setup your ads

You will then be able to upload your ad creative(s); setup advanced targeting, and even schedules your ads to run on specific dates.

  • Going live

Once the publisher has approved your ad(s), they will go live right away. Then watch the traffic roll in.

7) Infolinks

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Infolinks is a marketplace that is based on user intent and real-time engagement to show ads to users. Its powerful technology provides effective advertising solutions in real-time. There are now 6 types of ad units to choose from.

Various Products:

  • Inarticle: User-initiated expanding ad
  • Infold: Search & display, above the fold
  • Inscreen: User intent meets display ads
  • Inframe: Display ads with an edge
  • Intext: Native and highly effective
  • Intag: Advertising outside the box

Benefits & Features

  • Choose from a large variety of ad units
  • Select advanced targeting options
  • Track & optimize results
  • Advertise on multiple platforms
  • Has the combination of search & display
  • Reach users when they’re most engaged
  • Gain access to our wide-scale network
  • Get your ads seen by the right users

8) Facebook

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 Facebook appears as a great opportunity to build engagement and sales. It has 3 main campaign types, through which you can interact with your desired audience to build awareness, conversions, or funnel-driven results through remarketing.

Facebook continues to add new ad types and integrations like its newest shopping ads and continued emphasis on video and mobile.

9) LinkedIn

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LinkedIn, world’s largest professional network helps businesses reach their ideal customers. When you use the platform, whether your goal is leads, brand awareness, or even event registrations, LinkedIn ads help.

Benefits & Features

  • Target a unique audience
  • Create easy and effective ads
  • Control your budget and costs
  • Promote your company updates to targeted audiences
  • Deliver personalized ads to the LinkedIn inbox
  • Start generating leads in minutes
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